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Increasing Contribution While Going Home on Time

(Appendix A)

The metric that matters to you and hopefully your boss.

Where the metric came from .....................

In early 2021, Bob was participating in a Lean Development webinar. In it, the presenter wanted to capture a list of "metrics" used in development.  People voiced metrics such as time-to-market, or development costs, plus a dozen more.  However, although these metrics were important, they weren't personal and hadn't truly driven Bob's work throughout his 16 years of using Lean Development.  


After the webinar, the metric that really mattered and had driven his work came to mind:

                                   "Increasing contribution, while going home on time."

Since then, this metric has been a critical basis for the book. It drives both business and personal development. It drives work-life balance and business growth. It is a metric that helps a leader lead. It is personal. It enables creating satisfying work. Ultimately, it matters to the progressive business.

Understanding Value Add

At the center of the metric is developing a critical understanding of

                 Value-Add versus Non-Value-Add,

                 which is a basis of Lean.

It then requires an individual to personally work towards the metric or coaching individuals towards it.  This is achieved through the principles of Lean Development.  Utimately it makes better engineers.

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