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Lean Reimagined

Retaining Women in Engineering

Productivity and People  - Promoting Change

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The purpose of this site is to promote change.  


It does not promote a consulting or coaching business.  However, it does promote a resources to enable change, specifically the book that Alissa Stavig (an MD) and I wrote to help address the fact that women make up only 15% of engineers - after decades of work.   Meanwhile 35% of physicians are women.


We use lean and the learning from medicine to promote the change. 

Regards, Bob Stavig

Please contact me at if you want to learn more or go to the Contact Page


Lean efforts at its most basic level and from the Toyota Production System focuses on eliminating waste to reduce cost.

However, ultimately we can utilizes lean to develop people and grow a business.  Fundamentally driven by respect for people

Lean Reimagined and our book , uses the six Principles of Lean Development (LD) to focus on:
-    developing all people such that they have the skills and capability to increase their contributions
-    recognizing waste in how the work is done and then utilize the LD principles to eliminate the waste 

Visit "The book tab" for a flyer of the book


Lean Reimagined is always in place, it is always a focus, it is about the people doing the work and it enables the diversity of an organization.

Diversity drives better business results....

The increase of diversity through the retention of diverse individuals is driven by control over career through the access to knowledge, having satisfying work through changing the process, and the ability to go home on time. This results in creating a positive work climate and enabling a sense of belonging

Lean Development and its six principles are a method to do that work and develop people.   

A way to reimagine the purpose of lean. 

At the current rate, it will be 350 years to achieve gender parity within engineering....

Something is wrong....

A core driver of the differences, between medicine and engineering is how physicians are trained and learn as compared to engineers. 
For physicians this helps to minimize bias, increase confidence, and create satisfying work thereby improving retention.

Family Moments

Retaining Women in Engineering
The Empowerment of Lean Development

Robert N. Stavig

Alissa R. Stavig, MD


Diversity drives better business results; however, despite decades of effort, women make up only 15% of engineering, this book approaches the problem of women leaving engineering from a systems level perspective to change the way engineering is done and level the playing field between men and women.

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